Why We Need Music?

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In which way does music affect us?

There is a different sense to music. It can raise our moral, it can relax people or kills sorrow when necessary. Some people listen to it just for the melody…the rhythm, others concentrate on the lyrics. Read more how music affects people in every aspect

Regardless of whether and to what extent we are artistically inclined, when it comes to music, very few people remain indifferent and do not need to own preferences.

After listening to some music we can learn a lot about the person in subject. Numerous studies in psychology deal with the influence of music on the human psychology.

Why is music so important and why do we listen to it?

By asking this “simple” question responses were obtained which were classified in six basis categories:

  • Listening to music is fun – this is the most basic level. Music provides stimulation and relieves the feeling of monotony. It can be uplifting before leaving the house, it can make time pass buy really quickly when you are doing boring household tasks like the one thing everybody hates to do: dishes!! Music keeps us company on a trip, at work or even when we practice sports.
  • Music increases the energetic level of a person: It gives us the necessary energy in the morning and calms us down in the evening. With the energy of music we can influence the energy level of our body.
  • Music can also satisfy our hunger for excitement. It provides us with a deep and strong emotional experience. These experiences are typical when we perform music ourselves.
  • It helps us to turn our thoughts of something in particular: If we mull about something for days, music is an adequate tool to help us get rid of this.
  • Music improves our mental activity: it encourages daydreaming, researching and analysing the past…
  • “Connection”: when a bunch of people listen to the same music at the same time their communication gets easier and more natural. We can think of a friend long time no seen who used to listen to the same song, sound…

In addittion, music has many health benefits, and it has magical effects on newborns

All these six basis reasons why we need music actually have the same goal, namely to control or improve our emotional state and mood. All these above mentioned reasons explain why music is really crucial and how it is able to affect our emotional state. There is just one more thing to say: MUSIC IS MEDICINE FOR OUR SOULS.

What can music teach us about the brain:

Relax a bit:

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