Why Do People Listen to Music

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Music top five reason why people listen to music.

1. Probably because people can either relate to it or that’s how they want to be.

2. because its is so nice and you can dance it helps you with your emotions .Some music makes you study more or its nice to hear when u are reading.

3. Music activates the same parts of the brain and causes the same neurochemical cocktail (Serotonin and dopamine) as a lot of other pleasurable activities like orgasms or eating chocolate — or if you’re a gambler winning a bet or using drugs if you’re a drug user. Parts of the brain are also activated my the novelty of rhythm. This has to do with the way language has evolved in the brain. Music follow similar patterns to language, so our like for music may be a byproduct of our brains developing the patterns of language.

4. I think that music has certain effects that we enjoy – when we are sad it can cheer us up or we can play sad songs to fit our mood. If happy we can listen to upbeat songs. There is music to fit every one of our moods and we can relate to a lot of the lyrics about love, life, happiness, sadness. etc.

5. well, you have to look back really far into our past… think about it. long before “civilization”, music was always a large part of the cultural expression of ancient tribes and cultures. but even before that! have you ever stood outside in nature and really listened? i mean, really listened? nature makes music! the birds sing, the wind whistles, the oceans howl, and what about humans? we have voices! large, beautiful voices that yell and SING! and we have hands to play instruments… so that- That is why we listen to music. it is an essential part of our very nature! life wouldn’t exist without it.

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