Update: Get a Free iTunes Gift Card Code Emailed to You – The Step-by-step Guide

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Everything about free itunes gift card codes: I originally wrote about the best method in getting Free Itunes Gift Card Codes emailed to you directly without the use of a credit card. I will now verify and update that article here.

Hello readers! I originally wrote about getting free itunes gift card codes emailed to you completely free in my first article found right here.

In this I said that there is a website that is formed around a system known as GPT (get paid to) that rewards members with rewards from amazon (sorry I said rewards twice!). You can earn cash or items – it’s up to you. The most popular reward however is free itunes gift card codes, which is the focus of this article.

The website I am talking about allows you to complete few quick fun surveys (or free offers, free trials, polls, or even play games!) and will send you itunes gift card codes to your valid email address in response to your efforts – it is really that simple, and its completely safe, legal and by my standards – really fun! You don’t even need to give your personal information, only a valid email address.  So, the only major step you need to do, is to validate your email address so that they can send you the free itunes gift card codes when you are in the process of earning stuff.

You don’t need to download anything and you earn the free itunes gift card codes directly in your browser. There are approx. 1.8 million other people on this system, with a large percentage of them earning free itunes gift card codes, including myself – I have earned about $150 towards itunes gift card codes alone with this system, and plan on doing it much more now – thus I am compelled to write this update! It works!

So either start by going Here or Here (they revolve around the same system and site, one is just a portal).

Register with a valid email address – I made a new yahoo one just for this purpose, and log in. Once logged in click ‘Earn Points’ at the top left and do anything there – and I mean anything, you can even play games (note, you should also get 250 free bonus points, worth $2.50, just be entering through this article!). Rack up as many points as you want then go to Reward Galery – Gift Cards and scroll down to Itunes Gift Card Codes (Emailed). Select it and check out using your points! Your points were earned free and so is this free itunes gift card code! It will be emailed to you shortly! Enjoy.

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