Top Three Latest Japanese Songs

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Top three Latest Japanese Songs.

The songs listed below are the top three song choices of latest Japanese songs. The song choices are based on the J-pop Oricon charts for week 42 of 2010.

1. Uchuu Hikoushi Heno Tegami by Bump of Chicken.

  • This is a very new song which was just releasef on the 13th of October 2010. Its relaxing melody and captivating lyrics made the song to skyrocket to the top of the chart in a very short time.

2. Dear Snow by Arashi

  • Dear Snow does not need much of an introduction since it topped the chart last week and some weeks before. This is a theme song for the movie adpation of the famous manga Ooku: The Inner Chambers.

3. I Wish For You by EXILE

  • This is a veteran all boy band song that captured the heart of many with its charming music beat. It is one of their hit singles that is worth listening to.

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