Top Ten Glee One Rock Music

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Ten of the best rock music of Glee Season One.

The hit show Glee had produced several albums last year. Amazingly, these albums span several genres of music – from classic to Broadway to dance to hip hop to rock and to so many others. And how Glee casts twisted familiar songs and put new flavor to old songs is really wonderful. That is how talented these kids are!

From these tons of wonderful versions are some great classic and pop rock songs. Here are my top ten Glee Season One rock music.

1. Can’t Fight This Feeling. How do you combine a popular athlete with a great rocker? Let Finn Hudson show you.

2. Alone. Coach Will Scheuster rocks his memories with his high school crush April.

3. Jump. With this theme, the Glee club appears on TV for the first time. It is for ad about… mattresses.

4. Keep Holding On. A perfect song for Quinn Fabray on her troubled time. Thanks to Glee club!

5. Run Joey Run. Rachel Berry wants to feel popular and be the hot chick of the school. Well she has made plans for it.


6. Jessie’s Girl. When Finn Hudson has finally wanted Rachel Berry, she is already somebody else’s girl.

7. Dream On. Coach Will Schuester and high school friend Bryan sing for their long time dream.

8. Total Eclipse of the Heart. Torn between many lovers, Rachel Berry just got to sing her heart out…

9. Bohemian Rhapsody. Rival club Vocal Adrenaline just have to prove they are the king (or should I say Queen?) of high school glee clubs.


10. Faithfully. With this finale song, the Glee club have not lost faith in each other.

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