Top Five Portuguese Worship Songs

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Compiling the best and beautiful of Portuguese Christian worship songs found throughout the Internet and the amazing videos. You can also find the lyrics for many of these songs here as well.

Give praise to our God for he is good and his love endures forever! In worshiping God, there is no language, cultural, political, social or economical barriers. Millions around the globe are worshiping their one and only God, their true creator in spirit and in truth. Join with them and give thanks to God for his loving kindness, his mercies and his goodness. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son (Jesus Christ), that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

1.       Agnus Dei – Aline Barros

Alice Barros leading the Portuguese worship at a conference by the Evangelical Community of South Zone in Brazil. The Portuguese lyrics are easily found by searching for Michael Smith’s Portuguese Agnus Dei song on Google or by clicking HERE

2.       Invoca Me – Andre Valadao

Andre Valadao is known as Andre Axe Valadao and is a gospel singer and evangelist in Brazil. He is singing the song “Invoca Me”meaning “Call upon Me” and the video clip is taken from the concert DVD titled “Diante de Trono.” The subtitles in English are available and lyrics can be found HERE.

3.       Vim Para Adorar Te – Michael W. Smith

Michael W. Smith was leading worship in Brazil and began to sing the song “Here I am to Worship” in English and the spirit of God began to move. After he finished singing in English, at 2:35 minute mark of the video the crowd takes over. They began to sing in Portuguese and worship God and sang the entire song in Portuguese (Vim para Adorar Te or Here I am to worship You). The crowd went on for quite some time and it was an amazing experience. You can get the lyrics for the song HERE.

4.       Eu Quero Ir – Lucas Souza

The song Eu Quero Ir means “I want to go”… where no man has gone before, what no eyes has seen, what no ear has heard and what no heart can comprehend. The song is sung by Lucas Souza who arrived on the gospel music scene in 2002 and formed his band, the Lucas Souza Band along with his brother and close friends. Today they lead worship and glorify God in Brazil. The lyrics to the song can be found HERE.

5.       Aos Olhos Do Pai – Ana Paula Valadao

Aos olhos do Pai or the “Father’s Eyes” is sung by Ana Valadao who is the worship leader of the band Diante do Trono which was formed in Lagoinha Baptist Church in 1997 when the leadership of the congregation wanted to raise money for charity in India. The song is about how God formed and created you in his image, perfect in every detail just the way you are. The lyrics can be found HERE.

A Band leading Worship (Image via Wikipedia)

There are plenty of other songs I would love to add, deciding between these songs were hard enough. I hope that this acts as an introduction to Portuguese Worship and Christian songs. May all the glory and honor be to God who is forever praised! God bless you and share this with your friends and family – and be blessed!

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