Top 10 Cheesy Songs

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A top ten countdown of the cheesiest songs that go way beyond the cheesy mark and have extra cheese attached to them.

Cheesy Songs seem to attach themselves to us as none of us can deny that we sing along to at least one. Here is ten cheesiest songs. See what you think.

10. Dancing Queen- ABBA

As much as i love this song it is just cheesy. It is a massive floor filler at weddings and similar events. Practically every song ABBA made was cheesy but that’s okay because that was the type of music mostly then. It’s amazing how everyone seems to know the lyrics. This just had to be on my list.

9. Do Ya Think I’m Sexy- Rod Stewart

Need i say any more? Okay, i know there are probably some people who find Rod Stewart attractive but i do not so therefore when you hear a song like that it automatically strikes as cheesy.

8. Y.M.C.A- Village People.

Again this is another massive wedding dance floor filler. It is very much like Dancing Queen because it has such catchy lyrics but this one ranks slightly higher because of the ridiculous arms movements there are for the Y M C and A.

7. Barbie Girl- Aqua.

I was probably about 7 or 8 when i first heard this song and it was a favourite of mine and others at school discos. At the end of the day it is a fun party track. I think in part it’s because of the Ken and Barbie thing. ” I’m a Barbie girl in a barbie world.”

6. It’s Raining Men- The Weather Girls

Oh again. The lyrics are just so catchy and the video is just so funny. The weather girls really did go for ultimate cheese on this one. I love it though and i am sure many others do too!

5. Who Let The Dogs Out- Baha Men

Never mind who let the dogs out- who thought of the name of this song? This ranks quite high in my list because of the silly ” Who, Who, Who” that repeats over and over again many times throughout the song.

4. Fast Food Song- Fast Food Rockers

This is a fairly new one compared to many of the others on my list but it does rank high. ” Oh pizza hut oh pizza hut, Kentucky fried chicken and oh pizza hut. McDonald’s, McDonald’s……..” The video is pretty funny too if you ever have time to check it out. A great party starter for everyone, kids and adults.

3. Agadoo- Black Lace

This one is a rather annoying song like the birdie song. Cheesy can be fun and exciting but it can also be terribly annoying and this is one of my most hated cheesy songs!.

2. Sexbomb- Tom Jones

Oh do come on! This song would not be half as cheesy if it was sung by someone like Justin Timberlake or Ne-Yo but Tom Jones? It does have catchy lyrics but sorry not for me. Totally cheesy!

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The Number 1 goes to…..

1. Touch My Bum- The Cheeky Girls.

Ok we have reached the number 1 spot and the cheeky girls fill it. They should be called the cheesy girls. This one is definitely the most cheesy song ever. The dance movements are also very funny!

There, that is my top ten. I hope i have given you a few laughs about cheesy songs. I am sure there are some that i have not thought of so please comment them as i would be pleased to hear about them.

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