There She Goes… There She Goes Again..

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I heard this great song by the La’s and got an idea for this short article.
You listen to the song and when it’s done my article is by it’s end.
(2-3 minutes)

The song

Play this song when you read the article. I want you to listen to it while you read the words that I’ve written.
“The La’s” made this song. They were an English “alternative rock” band from Liverpool. Furhtermore they were active from the mid-1980s to early 1990s

The message

Listen closely to the beginning of the song. It’s the same chords all over. It’s the same guitar throughout the whole song but what’s more, It’s the same “There she goooooes, there she goes agaiiiin” throughout the whole song.

- And do you know what? I love this song! It’s so great and I’m inspired and amazed that the managed to make a great song with just 1 chorus which is sung over and over again, 2 or 3 verses and then some guitar, bass and drum. I think it’s fantastic.

This song is relaxing and, to me at least, it makes me feel really good. I can listen to this song over and over again, even though they sing “there she goes again” all the time. usually I quickly get tired og a song. Let’s take an example. Lady GaGa – Poker face. I think most people knows this song. She sngs “po po po poker face po po po pa face” all the time and that’s why we can refer that song to our “La’s – There she goes again”. I don’t know why this is, but I know that Lady Gaga puts lot of work into her songs and especially her videos. She uses hours, days, weeks to do her job and these guys just write this short song, publish it and you know.. do nothing else basically. They haven’t got a nice music video or anything. Well, that’s not the point.

The point is that I think it’s amazing how you can listen to two songs where the lyrics are on “repeat” and sometimes you get really tired of that song because you’re tired of the same boring chorus while sometimes you can just hear the same 3-4 words and those same tones over and over again.

Obviously, a chorus has to be made easy and ear-catching so you can easily remember it and sing along to it. Also, if you have this song on repeat (as I have right now) you don’t even realize it has ended before it restarts.

I think “There she goes again” is a stroke of genius (not sure if this is formulated right). They managed to make a great song with 4 chords, 4 words in their chorus and then some verses.

I would take my hat off if I had one.

Liked it
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