The Soul Musicians, Southfield Village, Stamford, Connecticut

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A musical ensemble from the 70’s.

  From Stamford, Connecticut Southfield Village, The Soul Musicians were a group of young men and teenagers who created a musical ensemble in the early 70’s. Bob Davis-lead vocals, Raymond Alexander-vocals, James Jones-vocals, Tommy Mullins-lead guitar and vocals, Johnny Williams-bass guitar, Alfonso Lewis-drums, Tom Williams-bongo drums and percussion’s, and Robert L. Thomas, D.J. The Soul Musician’s were a big a band, all names are not included, and there were many people who joined or supported the band on the road or just helped in the success of the band. The band performed in the early 70’s and was heavily influenced by Sly and the Family Stone, The Main Ingredients, Curtis Mayfield, and the Dramatics. They also performed songs by Chicago, The Doobie Brothers and Temptations. The vocal were performed by a quartet, Bob Davis, James Jones, Raymond Alexander, and Tommy Mullins were the four main vocalist. Their voices blended perfect in 4 part harmony. Tommy Mullins is multi talented, he’s white, and got more soul than all of us put together, and his Afro was bigger than mine. He composed and arranged the music, he fused everything together. Johnny Williams and Tommy Mullins worked closely together, they were like brother, and they were the masterminds behind the music, they were Funky. Bob Davis lead vocals, manager. He was the man, the main piece, and he was not only a great lead vocalist, he had a great personality, charisma, on and off stage. Bob negotiated contracts and handled the money, and he was a very good manager and business man. He got loans for the musical equipment, P.A. and Microphone Systems, Guitar Amplifiers, and we had the best equipment at the time. Bob arranged for us to practice at the Sunrise Cultural Art Center, in Stamford. Alfonso Lewis was our drummer, and he was an outstanding performer, he always had a solo set, and he could bring the house down. Tom Williams bongo drums and percussion’s, he wanted, and got his solo sets. He was an excellent percussionist, and was the Senior member of the group.

   My sister,Barbara Thomas ask me to go to the Generation Gap, Stamford, Ct. to see a band, Soul Musicians, she said, ” they are really good, and that you should go”. So I agreed to go with my sister, I was 16 years old and my sister was 18  and we walked to the Generation Gap to see the Soul Musicians for the first time. I had been to the Gap before to see the Soulful Six and I really enjoyed them, but I never seen the Soul Musicians. As we arrived, we noticed kids standing in line to get inside,so I went to” Duchess Hamburger” and got a cheeseburger,soda, sat for about 30 minutes, and then went back to the Gap. There was a small fee to get inside, so I paid and got a ticket to go inside. The Soul Musicians were already performing and some of the teenagers were already dancing. It was crowded and I couldn’t find my sister so I looked for a place to sit. Well I got a table next to the band, I wanted to see everything. They performed “Just my Imagination” by the Temptations. James Jones was the lead singer, he was just a little skinny kid, I don’t think he weighted 80 pounds soak and wet, but he had the perfect falsetto voice. James could capture an audience and hold their attention with his voice and gestures, he could bring a little drama to the stage by moving his hands, and using body language. James was a little entertainer. Well my sister came to my table, and asked me ” are you having a good time”? Yes, I really like the band. The band took a break, and returned, the first song, “Goin in circles” The Friends of Distinction,” Fall in Love, Lady love”, Dramatics, and” I’m so proud” The Main Ingredient. Bob Davis lead vocals on these songs. Bob had sung with the Connecticut State Choir,and he was known to have a great voice. He performed like a professional entertainer, comfortable on stage, spoke to the audience, smooth stage present, and a very intelligent, gifted person, someone truly special. Tommy Mullins got the microphone and performed”Color my World” Chicago and “Listen to the Music” Doobie Brothers” With his big Afro moving back and forth, he performed those two songs, playing his guitar and singing. Finally the last song, “I want to take you higher” Sly and Family Stone. This song brought the” house down” Everybody got out of their seats and started dancing. I had a good time, and just I happened to know the band members. I knew I would be seeing them soon. This band had star power, I really felt they could make it in the music industry. They were ready to Shock the World!

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