The Real Story of Rohan Rathore

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The story of Rohan Rathore……

Its so painful and heart touching…….

This is a sad story which touched everyone’s heart and the song is so nice that one who listens it feel like missing something and make them realize the emptiness inside them.

SAD STORY OF THE LONELY BOY >>>>>>>>> One side >>>>>>>>>>>
This song is sung by rohan rathore from IIT Guwahati.He is suffering from the terminal cancer.
He sang this song for the girl named Supriya whom he loved more than anything in the world.
Unfortunately she didn’t return his love but this song says all that he wants to do.He died just 15 days after recording the song.
The girl supriya felt so bad after this and she attempted suicide and she also died .
The story is so much painful. And we all think it true.
This song is really one of the great songs that i would like to listen and feel.

Now comes on >>>>>>>>>>>>>Other side>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

There is no person named rohan rathore and i simply wanna tell you that rohan rathore never exists.
I searched a lot for Rohan Rathore on google,you tube,social networking sites and other search  engines. 
But was not able to get even a single photo of Rohan Rathore.While searching on Internet I found the lyrics named “Lonely Confidential” and it was submitted on May 2010 by Micky Nanda of Mumbai.

On june 23,2010 he uploaded this song on facebook titled “Lonely confidential”
The story of Rohan Rathore is just a rumor to make the song popular.
The professor at IIT Guwahati said there is no Rohan Rathore in IIT Guwahati. And,
Even the students of IIT Guwahati do not knows about the Rohan Rathore.


OK,Suppose this story is true-
*If he is a student of IIT Guwahati,then  where his parents  are….

*Where the friends of Rohan and Supriya

*As he is not a professional singer then how he managed to get to the studio for recording.

*Which studio he recorded the song.

*There is no recording studio claims that Rohan has recorded the song there.

*Have you ever thought of professionally played background music

*Who wrote the lyrics…do u think he wrote the lyrics and sings.

*If he recorded at home then why the song is too pure and clear.There is no distortion in the song.

*Do you think a cancer patient who is at the last stage and going to die can sing such a song.

*Does IIT Guwahati has any record about a student named Rohan Rathore.

*Is there any news about the Supriya’s suicide.

Does before dieing and recording he released the video on Internet.

*Why  his story is not on any newspaper and on TV.

And most important thing,there is not a single pic of him on the Internet or anyone have.


This is the edited pic.You can search on google “Feel the Breathe” and you will find this image. 
or you can see it from Here or here .
You can check out this

This is the edited pic and surely not the album cover.
 The song is composed by Siddhartha Setia.
And its not the confusion ends.There is one more person who claims that he is the singer of the song.
Gajender Verma  claimed it that this song is sung by him.
Well No one knows what is the truth….you just enjoy the song.
Tune mere jaana,Kabhi nhi jaana……

Plz share your views and tell if you have more information about this.

And Supriya sings “Maine mere jana,kyun nahi jaana”…… The song by  Kaushi Diwakar


Supriya says to Rohan Rathore… Maine mere  jana kyun nahi jana ishq tera dard tera……………………



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