The Hidden Meanings Behind Ten Christian Songs

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Things are not always as they seem.

  1. Skillet – Open Wounds

    This song is so painful, you can feel the words as the author sings them, and it can relate to a lot of different situations – even if you think the author is crazy.

  2. BYWORD – Take Me As I Am

    A powerful song that talks about how God takes us as we are, 110%, no matter what.

  3. BYWORD – The Storm

    Going to go again with BYWORD here, a song that talks about the storms in people’s lives – since we all have so many of them.

  4. Family Force 5 – Luv Addict

    It talks about the incomparable love of Jesus and how it is wide, long, high, deep, and never ending.

  5. Family Force 5 – Earthquake

    This song is so random, and it’s awesome to listen to the techno beat.

  6. Kj52, Are You Real?

    A song that questions people – are they real, or are we just plastic remakes?

  7. Jars Of Clay – Flood

    A song that talks about drowning into deep water. Haven’t we all felt like that sometimes?

  8. House Of Heroes – In The Valley Of The Dying Sun

    A song that talks about Jacob wresting with God in the desert. (See MySpace: House of Heroes for details.)

  9. Kj52 – Wake Up

    A song that talks about how we all must wake up and discover what we believe in

  10. KJ52 – A Coke Fry & Cheeseburger

    A Kj52 song about bad food service.

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