Ten Tips for a General Admission Concert

Posted in: Musicouching by Cynthia Cox on February 7th, 2010 | 10 Comments

Have you experienced a general admission rock concert? Do you know the madness that can occur in a mosh pit or the anxiety of a crowd surfer above your head? Have you ever felt the high energy of unison that is created from a general admission concert before?

I hope these tips will enlighten what you may not have experienced before or help protect you should you decide that live and loud is what you seek. 1.) Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the event. You will be on your feet in a crowed space for hours, so you will want materials of clothing that breathe easy and are weightless. You can still dress to accommodate for the concert but you’ll want comfort too. 2.) Go early. The earlier you are in a general admission concert, the greater chance of getting close to the front stage. 3.) Grab your drinks and use the restroom before going in. Once you become engulfed in a general admission concert, it is almost impossible to get back in or out without loosing your place.  4.) You can take a backpack if you desire of water and drinks;  but it will be discarded when you proceed through the venue entrance. You can discreetly hide refreshments if you would like, but if they catch you; you’ll be thrown out. They want you to purchase your items there so they get profits too.  5.) Be aware of who is around you in your general admission section. When the music starts playing, you sure don’t want hit in the head by a gal or girl who is rocking with you. It’s not intentional but at these loud energy events, its’ not a surprise to get hit accidentally. Don’t take it personally and start a fight, it’s just everyone is there to enjoy the band as well. 6.) Use discretion when someone wants to jump in front of you. They might have their crew waiting in front of you or they could be just trying to get closer to the stage. It is a matter of common sense when individuals try to push their way to the front of a general admission concert. 7.) If you are fortunate to be tall, look out for the little gals and guys around you. When a mosh pit gets started, it can be a group of 10-15 pushing each other in a circle to the vibes of the music, help assist those around you. Some partakers of general admission do not want to be a part of this festive outlet. Kindly look out for those around you and help fend off a rumbustious crew to prevent injuries. 8.) If you do drink alcohol in a general admission concert, please be careful that only you drink it. It’s not a polite action when you dump your drink on those around you. 9.) If the smell of marijuana or cigarettes bother you, don’t buy a general admission ticket. The consensus is that you can anticipate these practices to occur in a general admission concert.  10.) Last but not least, enjoy yourself. It’s not everyday that a person can enjoy loud and proud music when consumed in a flood of strangers as these general admissions offer. It is not musical entertainment for everyone. However, when proper precautions and generosity are taken along with the ride; it’s nothing but fun. One major note for parents, use age discretion when determining on taking your children or teenagers to a general admission concert. These events can bring unintentional harm to smaller individuals; so use caution and think.

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