Something to be Said for Persistence

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Things worth having are rarely obtained easily. Sometimes the key to to obtaining those things is persistence.

In music, there are many goals one can set. You may want to improve upon your level of musicianship, you may want to increase the number of songs in your set list or increase the number of gigs you are scoring. All of these things can be achieved over time, if you are persistent.

A set list takes a while to grow in length. But with focus, time and persistence, it will happen. Just concentrate on where you need to go. Do you need to add more upbeat songs? Do you need to add more mellow songs or ballads? What is your target audience? Where do you intend to play? The key is to keep the big picture in mind and then outline achievable and realistic goals. Then set out to pursue those goals persistently. Occasionally assess your rate of progress and make an occasional adjustment when and if necessary.

Recently, as part of a music duo, we decided to add some more upbeat songs to our set list. We also had a first set that was not loaded with as many upbeat tunes as the later sets, so we saw that as being our weak set. We chose five upbeat and newer songs to work on to add to our set list and we were going to put some in our first set while also taking a couple of upbeat songs from later sets and put them in the first set. We had a time frame we hoped to achieve this by. So then we worked on the newer songs while still rehearsing the old songs. We have a lengthy set list and we do half the set list on one day and rehearse the other half on another day, since we rehearse two times a week. Each one of those rehearsals will also include working on the new material. So we were able to work those new songs in relatively quickly. We also managed to add two other songs in the amount of time we hoped the goal would be reached. In the end, we ended up with seven new songs instead of the five we initially hoped to add. But it was persistence that did it.

I have also had goals in reference to improving myself as a musician. There were times when I wanted to work on certain techniques on various instruments or to get to a certain level of proficiency on an instrument. Obviously this required practice and time. I know from previous experience that if I am persistent enough, over time, those goals will be reached. It’s a matter of practicing every day, having set goals and persistently pursuing those goals. Even slow progress is better than no progress and if you continue to work at it, you will eventually reach your goal. Of course that’s assuming your goal is a realistically attainable one.

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