So Alone

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So alone.

You consoled me when I was so alone
You listened to my songs even if out of tone
If the night is getting cold, I have your embrace
the warmth of your love can never be replaced…
Because of you, my emotions were awakened
I learned to dream even when all is darkened
I faced trials, I faced death, I faced my fears
heaven is within reach if your beside me here…
and when the night comes slowly creeping in
you were the light to make brightness win 
just like the rosary that I repeatedly pray
The ghost of you just won’t go away…
And the words you whispered that were so sweet
Stuck in my mind though we will never meet
whenever I am going to a place that you’ve been
Your whisper floats gently, I hear it in the wind…
and you consoled me when I was all but abbhored
you listened to my songs without getting bored
Now an angelic voice is what’s embedded in mind
Will always be the reminder of the life you left behind…

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