Is It Worth Joining? Review After First Two Days Onsite

Posted in: Musicouching by J.N.R Dutton on February 29th, 2012 | 1 Comment

Based on my couple days there, here is my commentary.

I have mixed feelings about this site. Occasionally their music is good, but other times I feel like hitting a skip button. Were one available my mouse clicking finger might hover over it, just in case. The pay is good though, so definitely have to give props for that.

Maybe I just joined during a time that the site was in a slump as far as getting music that actually lived up to slicethepie hype. Their tag line on the site says “Influence what gets played on radio, Discover tomorrow’s hits today.”

I have found few so far that even MIGHT be actual hits. Cult favorites, maybe, but actual hit hits? Doubtful @ best.

I will keep everyone posted as my experience with slicethepie progresses.

Hopefully it will improve.

Liked it
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