Recommend Green Day 15 Through New Song Concert

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Usually ahead of the release of the album, the musician will leak one or two new songs they were when the gig. But Green Day did not hesitate to show off their new 15 songs.

It happened when the Green Day gig at the Tiki Bar 1700 Placentia, Costa Mesa, California last week.

Surprisingly Green Day in a row playing all 15 songs in front of his fans. Reported sites fans on Tuesday (08/16/2011), the fans were clearly surprised by the action of Billie Joe Armstrong et al.

In fact they also play a cover version of Ozzy Osbourne’s song ‘Goodbye to Romance’. They also sang other projects outside the last album such as Foxboro Hot Tubs’ and ‘Fuck It’s Time’.

Green Day then closed the concert with hits them in the encore session. Some new song titles that could be introduced Green Day is’ Nuclear Family ‘,’ Carpe Diem ‘and ‘8 th Avenue Seranade’.

Some time ago revealed Green Day’s Billie was working on the continuation of the album ’21st Century Breakdown ‘2009. I wonder what the purpose of Green Day immediately introduce 15 new songs.

Usually musicians are rarely willing to introduce so many songs that have not been recorded to avoid piracy.

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