Pink Songs: All Pink Songs List

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I don’t know about you but I absolutely love Pink. The trouble is though that she has had so many fantastic songs, that I find it difficult to choose a favourite. Here is a complete pink songs list with all her released songs on it.

The singer Pink, whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore, is 31 years old but it feels as if she has been around forever, because she has had so many fantastic singles. Pink has gathered a reputation as one of America’s hottest music stars and there is surprises as to why. So what are Pink’s singles? I have trouble remembering what was on her last album, and so i have compiled a complete pink songs list in order of when they were released. 

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Pink Songs: Complete Pink Songs List

Pink released her debut album in 2000, called Can’t Take Me Home. Singles released from that album were:

There You Go

Most Girls

You Make Me Sick

In 2001 Pink released her second album, M!ssundaztood. Her singles from that were:

Get The Party Started

Don’t Let Me Get Me

Just Like A Pill

Family Portrait

In 2003 Pink did the Charlies Angels:Full Throttle single Feel Good Time.

Also in 2003 Pink released her third studio album Try This, where the following singles were released:


God Is A DJ

Last To Know

Perhaps the most important album for Pink was the I’m Not Dead album where she released several powerful records in 2006/2007. Singles from I’m Not Dead were:

Stupid Girls

Who Knew

U + Ur Hand

Nobody Knows

Dear Mr President

Leave Me Alone (I’m Alone)

Cuz I Can

You could argue that her next album, Funhouse, was just as powerful and that was released in 2008. Singles from Funhouse were:

So What


Please Don’t Leave Me

Bad Influence


I Don’t Believe You

Glitter In The Air

Then in 2010, Pink released her Greatest Hits…So Far!!!, that featured many of the singles above as well as two new singles. These were:

Raise Your Glass

Fuckin’ Perfect( or just Perfect for the Radio)

Quite a few singles right? Pink songs are unique because they mean something to her, which means that as an audience you feel the lyrics and the performance. 

I for one love Pink!!! 

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