Pink “Dear Mr President”

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The emotions and feelings in the song Dear MR. President are very deep and meaningful.

This song “Dear MR. President” performed and written by Pink expresses views about the choices that the former president George Bush made during his time in office. For example, one line says “how do you sleep while the rest of us cry.” This means how can you sleep while the rest of us are crying and need help, how can you sleep while so many people need desperate help and you say that America has no problems with the economy.

The purpose of the song is to inform the President at the time George bush to help the people in need and not to turn his back on the problems of America; his country is counting on him. One line says “How can you walk with your head held high.” Pink states that how the president you walk so proud when there are so many poor and homeless people sleeping on the street? Pink is trying to make Mr. Bush help these people get off the streets and give them a good life.

The emotions and feelings in the song Dear MR. President are very deep and meaningful. Pink sings it with such emotion and sadness, it makes the audience really connect and relate to the song, and you can tell pink is singing this song from the heart. For an example, a line says “Tell me something bout hard work, building a bed out of a cardboard box” this makes the audience really feel for the people who sleep on the street. This song portrays the reality, it tells us about some big problems going on in an America and that nobody not even the president was taking charge of the situation. Being elected president gives him the power to change the country and help his citizens.     

The rhythm in the song Dear MR. President is a very slow one. Pink is gently strumming her guitar while singing. It gives off a very sad feeling but a great beat to the song, which makes the song quite catchy. The background music goes very well with the meaning of the song. The melody in the song is a slow and gentle one.

The structure of this song is a traditional one; it has 2 verses followed by a chorus. This song is simply portraying America’s reality and therefore doesn’t include metaphors. There are actually some endings of sentences that rhyme e.g. high, cry and eye to name a few.


In conclusion pinks song Dear MR. President is a great and meaningful song. Recorded in 2006 the song sends a strong message to the president. It shows that one can only wish that the song was powerful enough to reach the president. To  make him open his eyes to the realities going on in his country, Hopefully Barack Obama can change some of these problems as America is in his now.

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