Paul Williams Jr. of Temptations Review

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Honoring the Heritage of Paul William Sr.

Dennis Edwards can’t be accused of being selfish with his version of the Temptations by lawsuit called the Temptations Review with Dennis Edwards. Here is a man that has open hearted accepted Ali Ollie Woodson, as a one time member into his group without a moment thought about the guy, who replaced him in the Temptations.

But, then all former members get along with one another since it seems Otis Williams is the one complaining the most about the groups that touring honoring the Temptations. When Woodson had to step out of membership in the Review , we saw Dennis Edwards accept the son of a original member, who he had the pleasure of creating a new sound with for the sixties Temptations name Paul Williams.

In Woodson place was Paul Williams Jr., who has some common with Roquel Payton of the Four Tops, who replaced his father, who was an original member. While we could hate on this young man, who stepped up to entertain, as his father have done many of us don’t because it’s an honor to watch him perform.

It’s great to know that they might never achieve the success of their famous fathers, but than anything is possible but they don’t run from the legendary status placed upon them. I’m sure more pressure is on David Ruffin Jr with the name alone holding him back from major success because the image of his father is worship and protected as one of the greatest voices to come from the Temptations.

Williams deserve to step out and prove that not only does he looks like his father but can sing his own style that’s similar to his father although he looks a strike taller than his famous dad.

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