Obscure Love Songs

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A list of obscure love songs for any occasion, making a mix cd for your girlfriend or boyfriend? Planning a wedding and don’t know what music to play at the reception? Just like love songs? These songs will work for you.

Falling -  Gaelle


Gaelle’s music is damn sexy but on top of that it is remarkably romantic. Gaelle is an RNB artist out of Georgia who mixes her RNB with Haitian rhythms and draws a lot of influence from trip hop and quiet storm. Her album Transient has many other songs that are extremely sexy and romantic but this is the one that strikes me as being the best Love Song.

One Love – Massive Attack

Massive Attack’s One Love has kind of a reaggae sound to it and is the ultimate song about dedication to a single person. This is less of a statement of how much in love with someone the singer is but more about the purpose and strength of monogamy.

Always – Zug Izland

Zug Izland were a side project created by Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse, when he found he couldn’t sing, the band found a guy who could named Syn. Violent J wrote the song and it is one of my favorite love songs. It’s about the ultimate dedication of one person to another.

You Owe Me Nothing – Alanis

You Owe Me Nothing is similar to Always in the way that it is about ultimate dedication with one distinction. This song tells the person the song is meant for that they can ask anything of her and that she will only ask that they accept her love and that they don’t have to repay her for anything. Most people know Alanis but it seems few have heard her softer side and only remember the songs from Jagged Little Pill or her My Humps cover.

Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley

This song was written by Leonard Cohen and most people seem to know him and many seem to think Jeff Buckley did the better version of the song. It was made more famous by one of the contestants on American Idol last season and has been a pretty popular song but still there are lots of people who haven’t heard it.

The song starts off sounding like its about religion but its really about love and sex and passion. It’s damn beautiful too.

I Do – Paul Brandt

Okay so I know a lot of people don’t like country but this song really stands out in my memory as a country song that really touched me. I couldn’t find the original version and instead found a cover song on youtube. It’s a bit scratchy but the lyrics are so moving. The woman that is singing this cover version does a really good job, too. She has several other really good covers on youtube also.

Existentialism on Prom Night – Straylight Run

Another indie/alternative song. The song makes my heart melt but the lyrics aren’t your typical love song. It’s very charming and kinda smarmy but in a cool indie way that doesn’t come off as cheesy or cliched.

Give You My Lovin’ – Mazzy Star

Mazzy Star is one of my fave alternative singers. Her style is so melancholy but still uplifting. Powerful lyrics and a lot of emotion in such a romantic song. I would dance to this at my wedding, easy.

Passing Me By – The Pharcyde

You didn’t think I would leave hip hop out of the list did you? This has a kind of OldSchool hip hop feel because it came out in the 90’s but its a brilliant love song none the less.

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