No Way Out – Rapper Lil Wayne Slammed by Stevie Wonder for Violent Emmitt Till Lyrics

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"Beat the ***** up like Emmett Till"

Looks like Dwayne Carter’s brain is finally bowing out ready to say, "Farewell" even before he retires.

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So what can you expect from a rapper who tips cough syrup and smokes weed on the daily?

His whole career is based off of songs with lyrics made for SHOCK VALUE. And the fact that he references SEX a lot in his songs and tries to think of ways he can FINISH IT, is of no surprise to me. And it shouldn’t even be a surprise to his fan-base. I think  at this point after announcing his SUPPOSED RETIREMENT not long ago last year, he may  be at a point of not caring about what he says on his way to BOWING OUT of the music scene.

I think the point to pay attention to with this issue is to not only put the blame on him, but also the parents or guardians who let their kids and teenagers listen to the nonsense that Lil Wayne puts out. Society is already destructive as it is in today’s world, and good morals are non-existent. I mean look at what the majority of what music is about these days. SEX, MONEY, DRUGS, AND who knows what else!

Secondly lets analyze these lyrics for a moment.

“Beat the ***** up like Emmett Till”

The words that really stuck out in this line, was “EMMETT TILL.”For those who have been educated in school or told by a family member, friend etc. Emmett Till was a 14 year old boy who got lynched by a few white racist men who ASSUMED that he whistled at a white woman and that he was trying to pursue her. He was BRUTALLY BEATEN and dragged and a whole other host of things that lights a fire underneath African Americans as a whole.

So his story holds a very significant meaning. Because right after that, less than a year later the civil rights movement moved into full on motion. Rosa Parks did her thing, and then before long Dr. Martin Luther King came into the picture to get his point across peacefully, and we lost him.

And in 2013, as far as we have come… for a music artists to com[are the act of being intimate with a woman to a horrific incident committed out of racism and pure hate and ignorance really grinds my gears and lights a fire underneath me as well.

The label behind Wayne issued a statement and so did Stevie Wonder, and the songs lyrics and video etc may have been pulled but its only one song. This is about society and how some celebrities can have a negative influence on our youth. Take a stand.

United we stand, and divided we fall.

Signing out.

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