My Top 10 List of Eminem Songs

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My view on eminems best songs.

Hey guys I’m gonna tell you guys what I think about Eminem and what his best songs are. First off here is some background information about him, he grew up in Detroit and had a tough childhood. As been in a rap group called D12 and now is performing solo. Well anyways here goes the list…

10) Sing for the Moment 

This is a very well written song and uses the chorus from one of the greatest rock songs ever (Dream On- Aerosmith). He talks about don’t do everything other people do.

9) You’re Never Over

In my opinion this is the best song off of Recovery. It starts kinda slow but about halfway into the song Eminem goes off. He is talking about losing his friend Proof in this song

8) Hallie’s Song 

Song that sounds totally different from Eminem. There isn’t much “rapping” until the end. I like the change and think he pulled it off well

7) When I’m Gone 

A great song that talks about when he’s gone don’t hang on the past and keep living. This is probably one of his most “catchy” choruses I’ve heard.

6) Til’ I Collapse

This is one of my favorite pump up songs. It’s a very loud and heavy song with lots of bass and talks about never giving up until the end.

5) Soldier 

This song talks about staying strong and being a “soldier” and never falling

4) Lose Yourself

A classic Eminem song. A perfect pump up song.

3) Mosh 

A very catchy song about he will have to lead everyone through the darkness

2) Beautiful 

A fantastic song about how people think his life his easy because he is famous, but would love for you to see what it’s like

1) Stan

This is my favorite song by Eminem. It has a chorus sung by Dido and is very catchy. He talks about how an obsession ruins a man’s life.

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