Music That Makes You Sleep

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Music is an ointment to many sorrows and sufferings.

When I had joined night shifts for short duration at my office I had a very tough time managing myself to sleep at odd times and adjusting to different condition. It was then that I thought of using some calm music to make me sleep. Right from Enya to Celine Dion I went on increasing my music collection.

Here I will mention few of my favorites, which helped me, fight my problems of sleep to great extent.

Gladiator now we are free- Enya

Only time- Enya          

Enya has become one of my favorite singers. Slow easy tracks with enchanting music and voice. Gives a different mythological and spiritual feel.

My Heart Will Go On- Celine Dion

Titanic is my favorite movie and every time I hear to this song it leaves me with a good feeling and good memories. There was a time when I use to avoid original track and listen to remix but now I have understood the secret of legend.


Deep- Binoculars

I had never heard about the song and the group until one day I came across some yahoo answers where a poor fellow like me regarding sleep problem asked a question and few users had suggested this song. I hurriedly searched through web to find some more information and there I was listening to this song that night.


Words- Boyzone

Another good slow track that leaves a romantic feel. It was my favorite since long back and came to rescue me again.


Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis Presley

I had only heard about Legendary Elvis Presley but never cared to go after his music. But I found one girl playing this song while waiting for a bus at bus stop. From the first impression I had not loved this song but with an old style and slang I was curious to know about the song and without making her feel that I was making a move on her I was successful in getting the details. The heart of the song is not the music but beautiful lyrics too. You can keep on singing along Elvis and you will be dreaming soon.

Everything I Do I Do it For You- Bryan Adams

Those who heard Summer 69 of Bryan Adams will find this to contrast with the former track. Lyrics of a lover describing his love for her beloved and convincing music are good enough.


Lithium- Evanescence

This one came out of blue. My friend was who is a student of Chemistry was trying to get his hands on few Chemical elements by surfing on Internet and he came across this song by chance. Good things are impressive and worthy to be passed on and that is how it’s in my list.


I should have added some more in my list but music is abundant and whatever I do I cannot fill my bucket with ocean. I am listening to “Feel” by Robbie Williams right now and feeling sleepy so “Good Night”, “Sweet Dreams” catch you later some other day to make you sleep If not by music at least with some boring articles as that is something I am capable of.

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