Music Review of Rick Ross’ “God Forgives, I Don’t” Release

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I know I’m not the first critic to do a review of this album. I was honest and truthful in my reporting.

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In Metro Detroit, we got a lot of rain on Friday, July 27th. The drought is over. The drought is especially over in the Hip-Hop field because Rick Ross aka Rozay…finally released “God Forgives, I Don’t.” I have to admit: when he first came out, I was a part-time fan. Over time, as he kept putting out mixtape after mixtape, I got sucked in to the Maybach Music Group vortex. I still think he has Tourette’s or Alzheimer because he repeats himself too much. I try to over look it. Fast-forward material. Oh, of the seventeen songs, I only have sixteen. I will get that last song. First track up, “Pray For Us” is nothing more than a clip of a gangster praying before the guns go blazing. And in rushes “Touch’n You” featuring Usher, where they each talk about lavishing their women; showing their prowess. I love any song with Usher on it. The first single that got me hooked, “Hold Me Back,” where he keeps repeating himself. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty dope when he starts rapping though. He rapping technique changes—no, transitions from money, sex, guns, foreplay, violence, annihilation, etc. “Pirates” could well become a favorite. You might as well call him Black Beard because he has a black beard. All that is missing is a peg leg, eye patch and a parrot on the right shoulder. Unforgettable song. “Amsterdam” is a slow, smoky track, but Rick picks up where he left off, rhyming all up tempo. You know what they do in Amsterdam. Smoke that. Another soon-to-be worldwide favorite. “Ice Cold” featuring the newest member to the roster, Omarion. The track is just that: ice cold. Omarion still sounds like a teenager in a grown man’s body, but he’s dope. Has a long way to go to reach Usher status. They must be talking about a bad, out cold dame. That’s what it sounds like to me. “So Sophisticated” featuring Meek Mill is another dope song. Full of braggadocio lyrics. “Presidential” featuring Elijah Blake on the hook, talking about the drop-dead gorgeous women of the world. Maybe he was rhyming about Michelle Obama. He probably saw her picture and got inspired. “Ashamed” has an old school beat. Takes me back to them seventies. Rick’s going to be a “D-Boy, I’m ashamed to say.” A man who can mention Instagram can be anything he wants; fine with me. Don’t take them clothes off, though. “3 Kings” featuring Dr. Dre and Jay-Z is equivalent to the Holy Trinity. Where has Dre been besides designing headgear and stereo systems. Oh, and Jay drops a stellar verse as usual. He kind of ad libs at the end. What’s that about? Ran out of lyrics to say, Jay? If Rick has Jay-Z on one track, you know he has to have the other king, Nas, on “Triple Beam Dreams.” It’s kind of self-explanatory. Dreams, that’s are they really are. Dreams only money can buy like Drake said long ago. Spit that dough. “Rich Forever” featuring John Legend was actually on the Rich Forever and Illustrious 3 Mixtapes. I’ve heard it before. Think I peeped the video…unsure. If he keeps putting out music like this, his dream to be rich forever may come true. “Maybach Music IV” featuring Ne-Yo may just as well be his fourth Maybach Music song. Maybe he buys one every time he writes a new one, I don’t know. I like how he reinvents himself. He almost didn’t need the voice of Ne-Yo, but then I thought about “Hold Me Back” and changed my mind. Ne-Yo needs the work. Anyway, nice music to ride to, even if you’re just dreaming. Never while driving, though. Oh, what is the deal with putting LA Reid on this song? He ain’t talking about nothing. Just filler. Next! I like “911.” That must be a bad, cool car. Is it a drop-top convertible? Power engine with tons of horsepower? And he called this song “911?!” Must be nice. If you ask me, the lyrics deserve to be called “911.” Makes you want to dip in and roll on solid gold rims. “Ten Jesus Pieces” featuring Stalley finds Rick rhyming over a solemn beat. The lyrics kind of remind me of the verse he dropped in “9 Piece.” After Stalley’s verse, that must have been the last song. Somebody forgot to turn the tape off because I can hear somebody talking on the telephone. I can’t distinguish actual words, but I know it’s a guy talking. Anyway, the last song, the longest song, “Sixteen,” featuring a surprising Andre 3000, comes out to be 8:18. They both go over the sixteen bar limit. I guess they had a lot to say. Why did Rick say “Whitney died in ‘94…damn, what a memory?” After Andre talks, he gets down to rhyming. Rick even let him play the electric guitar. Sort of giving us a glimpse into the Jimi Hendrix biopic. Man, his guitar playing is something! It’s dope. I like guitars. In conclusion, Rick Ross could retire after going on tour to support his latest opus. It is that good. I will get song seventeen, too. You should buy it or download it, whatever.

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