Murray and White Music for The Masses

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Artist Review.



Local Dover, Delaware artists Todd Murray and Derek White are the saviors of modern rock music.  These two melodic guru’s are the paramount musicians of the year 2010 without a doubt. Todd Murray a mechanic at a Delaware Volkswagen dealership, could be considered a vocal reincarnation of Layne Staley with the talent to back up that consideration.  With a soulful vocal and an intelligent writing style Todd Murray’s original song titles such as “Merlot” and “Corporate Comfort” are the future of rock music.  With a full time job a full time band, this hard working artist still gets it done. 


     Derek White a melodic genius with some of the most intriguing guitar solo’s ever heard.  Derek’s guitar playing is as clean live as you can hear a guitar, with intricate over tones and structured lines that make you listen for his adaptations to Todd’s originally written songs.  By far the music group that will mold and reshape rock and pop music in the future. 

Any song these guys want to do they can pull it off.  With a perfect marriage in Murray and White.  I hope their is no divorce in the future. 

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