Michelle Meyer – How Sweet The Sounds

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The amazing vocals of this talent, will amaze you. If you don’t know Michelle Meyer, you soon will. Talent seeks its own levels, and Michelle will soon rise to the top.

Michelle Meyer got the singing bug when she was a small child.  Preforming for family, she decided with a little encouragement from those who heard her sing, to take it one step further.  Michelle, taking it seriously at the age of nine, decided to head out and seek out her audience. By the time she was thirteen, she would be composing her own music. Michelle Meyer, is a talent unlike no other and will be a name in the tip of everyone’s tongue for many years to come.

Michelle is a thoroughly trained artist.  Her young age took a lot of discipline,  focus, and even more perseverance, but she was determined to become a star. Classically trained, Michelle could sing opera, in French, English, Italian, and German. She would expand her genre to including Jazz, Rock, Pop, Country, Folk, Blues, Funk, and Gospel. Versatile to say the least, Michelle knew, what she loved, and that would be good music. “It doesn’t matter the genre, if it is good, it is good.” Michelle was also hired as a professional musical director at the young age of 15 for a private theater company, Fantacini Theater.

Michelle was invited to sing, “The National Anthem,” with the U.S. Marines present for the opening week of The Oregon State Fair. she was highlighted as the solo vocal performing artist for the Washington State Fair. In November of 2005, with her Fairfield County CT based jazz group, “Nouveau Jazz“, she and her colleagues, Douglas Canal and Todd Schneider, performed for the Directors & Board of Trustees of Channel 21 – PBS/WLIW in East Meadow, Long Island. They blew them all away.

To hear a singer like Michelle, is the nearest think you can come to a listening Utopia. Her angelic vocals are surely heaven sent.  Her voice control is excellent, and her range is clearly unsurpassed. Never before will you hear “Amazing Grace” done to such sweet perfection.  If you want to add one class act to your listening repertoire, add Michell Meyer, singer to the angels, truly a singers singer, and she does it with Amazing grace, how sweet the sound.

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