Memories Through Music

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My music tastes are varied however certain songs signify highlights or even low points in my life I would like to share a few songs with you.

Memories through music.

Recently I wrote an article on my near obsession with Blondie the 1970’s hit band who are still touring and recording to present day see,

Of course Blondie was not the only group I listened to and like most people certain songs signify certain events or periods in one’s life I will share some memories with you,

Annies song was the first record single I ever had, it was brought as a birthday present from my dear sister.

Pretenders Brass in pocket was the first No1 of 1980 the 1980’s was perhaps my best decade financially and signified me growing up and leaving school.

Go West a top 1980’s duo with their hit We close our eyes, this song signifies my early night clubbing days in a club called The Pink Elephant in North London, its sadly no longer there.

Sunday Girl by the hugely successful band Blondie was the first record I ever brought with my own money! and also signified my sexual awakening.

Grandmaster Flash with White Lines reminds me of my first ever holiday abroad. We danced to this song over and over in the night clubs of Magaluf in Spain.

Level 42 was a great band live I have seen them 3 times in total. This record was a a shared song between me and my second wife.

A strange choice Jimmy Nail with She’s Lying. This song reminds me of a bitter divorce from my first wife. I had this tune on my out-going answer phone message for a year or more!

 Too Shy by Kajagoogoo, reminds me of my first Ford Capri and the balmy summer of 1982.

Berlin with Take my Breath Away was a huge hit from the film Top Gun. This film was my father’s favourite film and reminds me of him, sadly he is no longer with us.

Tom Jones with Sex Bomb, reminds me of night-clubbing in Tunisia. The DJ only had this song in English so you can bet it was played to death! but I like it now, brain washing rules!

Once again this Scatman tune is embeded in me through a night-clubbing experience in Bath UK. A holiday with a friend I have sadly lost touch with.

Police with Every Breath You Take, I think this needs no explanation in anyone’s life we have all been there!

I do hope you have enjoyed my trip down memory lane and the events that bond all of us to certain songs.

Lord Banks

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