Love Songs for Christian Couples

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Being A Christian does not mean you should throw away your CDs of Romantic Music. Infact listening to Romantic songs won’t make you a lesser christian.

In a Christian world where love songs are demonized as evil and satanic, sometimes Christians get extremely inhibited and almost closed up when it comes to matters of expressing love to their spouses through romantic Music. Infact, many Christians today turn to worship songs even when they should be singing a Kenny Rogers or Don William Romantic Country Music in their Bedrooms.

Recently a Pastor preaching at a local church in my city on the subject of marital responsibilities of Christian couples amused the congregation when he recommended that during the very act of love making, the only recommended “cry of celebration” for both the wife and husband which will please God and produce results should be “Alleluyah!” When Christians have this mindset then they get rather too cautious with their love life, let alone the kind of songs they would have liked to listen to when they are by themselves in their bedrooms.

It is important to note that before we were Christians, we were first and foremost human beings with emotional feelings that yearn to be expressed. Many staunch Christians in my city would never buy secular love songs because they believe listening to a Celine Dion or Michael Jackson lyric takes them away from the presence of God, yet in real life, there should be a time in the life of a Christian couple when God ought to give them space.

I recently came across some love songs for conservative Christians which I hope will make them enjoy their romantic life in a Christian way. The wordings are pure love songs but quite occasionally the name of Jesus and God are mentioned without necessarily taking away the romantic moods that the songs generate. Why don’t you try it out for your listening pleasure  here:

   When God Made YouNatalie Grant and Newsong

Listen to When God Made You

Lyrics for When God Made You

How BeautifulTwila Paris

Listen to How Beautiful

Lyrics for How Beautiful

Only God Could Love You MoreKelly Nelon Thompson

Listen to Only God Could Love You More

Lyrics for Only God Could Love You More

I Will Be HereSteven Curtis Chapman

Listen to I Will Be Here

Lyrics for I Will Be Here

FallingPaul Baloche

Listen to Falling

Lyrics for Falling

Bless the Broken RoadSelah

Listen to Bless the Broken Road

Lyrics for Bless the Broken Road

For AlwaysCeCe Wynans

Listen to For Always

Lyrics for For Always

Love of My LifeMichael W. Smith

Listen to Love of My Life

Lyrics for Love of My Life

Waltz for JenniferFFH

Listen to Waltz for Jennifer

Lyrics for Waltz for Jennifer

1000 MilesMark Schultz

Listen to 1000 Miles

Lyrics for 1000 Miles

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