Latest on The Hospitalization of Selena Gomez

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The Latest report on Gomez’s situation.

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Selena Gomez was hospitalized the news was released that the 18 year old was hospitalized for being moderately malnourished. It was reported that the cause of her hospitalization, was just from being malnourished, caused by low iron levels and exhaustion.

The young starlet has blamed the overload of junk foods for her resent illness.   She referred that her favorite foods are M&Ms, Kit Kat bar, Goobers and Snickers.  She was admitted to an unhealthy diet. She also including that after the latest scare she’s getting the support and help in doing what’s best for her body.

Gomez also expresses that she’s grateful for her mom’s influences in her life and how now she feels much better.

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