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Is it just me or does Lady Gaga act like a deprived teenage girl seeking the attention of everyone around her. Is it not enough Gaga that you have risen to the top of the music charts and have a huge following of fans. Your costumes are too much, you can’t even call them fashion or style, they are bizarre.

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Lady Gaga sweeps the MTV awards and walks away with several awards. There is no mistake that she is a music wonder but come on a costume that you can barely walk in.  Another that you could through on the barbecue! If it is not enough that your costume is outrageous you also change how many times for one show? And each costume is a little freakier than the one before. The meat costume? What was that a dead squid on your head? Did you get a look at her shoes, she could barely walk in some of those outfits! Don’t you think some were a little inappropriate too! They say, that you are making a statement by walking around in public in those outfits and I have to agree but I’m not so sure that everyone understands your statement! 

Performers must all take on a public face that relies heavily on publicity, but come on. They do strange and bizarre things so they stand out from the ordinary everyday person, but it is secondary to their talent. It looks as though you are trying to stand out through crazy behavior and costumes, not only stand out from ordinary everyday people but from other performers as well. Are you that insecure?  Wonder what some of the other performers truly think of your eccentric behavior.  If you are going to be eccentric , at least do it with some class like Elton John or Michael Jackson. 

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