Kids Bop: CD Review

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Now in the 16th volume, is this CD really worth all the jazz?

I remember first hearing about this little Kids Bop thing back before I was 10 years old. At that time you had Brittany Spears and *NSYNC on the album, and since then it has been a nation wide phenomenon.

What is Kids Bop you may ask? Kids Bop is a CD with a bunch of today’s hits only sung by kids. And yes I am dead serious.

This new album has songs like “Live Your Life,” “The Climb,” and “Circus,” which are some of today’s most popular songs.

Seriously now though? This has to be the worst idea ever. These songs are all great, why ruin them with silly kids singing the songs, yes some of the kids seeing the songs will be the next leading rockstar but they need to hit puberty first.

This was stupid even when I was ten years old, and me now being 16 I contiune to think the same thing. Now that it has it’s 16 album it makes me wonder how they got so popular and what kind of people would actually purchase such garbage.

If you are shopping in the music neighbor hood for your little neice and nephew do NOT get them this. Plain and Simple.

This is youtube star Nigahiga and a good interpretation of this trash.

Liked it
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