Kathy Sledge of Sister Sledge

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Have you ever wondered what happened to Kathy Sledge of Sister Sledge?


 Every now and then, you might see Sister Sledge perform on a TV special or something. However, when you see them, Kathy is missing. It made me wonder what happened to her although the group sounds great without her.  Still, it’s not quite the same because you have heard and seen Kathy sing lead performing with her sisters. When you see them perform, you want Kathy to be there too. 

The good news is Kathy is still singing. So there is hope that she will get back to performing with her sisters. Kathy still has great charisma in singing and has kept that old style of singing meaningful songs. We need that back in music. It has been gone for too long now. Kathy Sledge is old school, and her old school will never die. You can see her right here on the reality show on her YouTube Channel theRealKathySledge.

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