Joseph Eid: Believe in This, Just Listen to Your Heart

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…multi-talented, hearthrob, singer and actor.

About five months ago, a friend of mine invited me to an open mic night she hosts about two times a month at a cute café in Silverlake, CA. I’d never read my poetry live, had thought about it before, but when she warmly welcomed me to her event, I thought, why not? All the pieces felt right, I loved her music, her friendship and the idea of reading my poetry for the first time in Silverlake, just felt perfect.

And, I’m so thankful I did, because it was this night that I had the great pleasure of meeting Joseph Eid.

Ladies, not only does Joseph have strikingly stunning tall dark and handsome looks he’s also exceptionally generous, supportive and humble with how he treats others. After my first reading, he kindly told me that he loved my work and we soon kept in touch via Facebook. Since then, he’s taken time out of his busy music and acting career to leave supportive comments on my recent book publication and other writing pursuits. And, to top that off, when I left a nice comment on his recently posted music video, he invited me to be in his next music video for his song “Save You”. It just doesn’t get better than this. I’ve always believed that God continues to bless people who continue to bless other people. It’s clear to see that Joseph definitely lives and breathes this idea in both his beautiful music and actions. (And, gentlemen, I haven’t forgotten about you - play Joseph’s music to set the tone for a beautiful romantic evening for the lucky ladies in your life!)

To show my gratitude for his generosity of spirit I told him I’d love to write an article about his gifted talents. I’d already listened to some of his music, and was very taken by his breathy, acoustic romantic style. When he responded with genuine gratitude, he gave me even more of a reason to write an article about him.

Okay, if you’d like a perfect dose of Joseph’s music you’ll surely want to visit his website: Joseph Eid’s Website. Let the tracks play, you don’t need to click start, they just conveniently begin streaming for your instant listening pleasure.

Believe in This
“Nothing’s going to happen to tear this love apart”
“Trust my eyes, the trick is not to ask why”
“If you want to get high, just listen to your heart”

From beginning to end, I love this video. It’s honest, romantic, and beautiful. With lyrics like “if you want to get high, just listen to your heart”, this song’s truly one of a kind.

While searching for more YouTube songs to share with you I just found out he was on “Law & Order” one of my favorite shows:

And from this commercial, it looks like he can even endearingly make fun of himself:

To see what Joseph’s fans and the music industry’s saying about this up and coming shining talent check out:

Joseph Eid ReverbNation

With his heartwarmingly charming combination of character and talent, rest assured, this incredible artist’s career will only continue to soar!!

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