I Think I Have a Hit Song: What Do I Do Now?

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This article introduces the songwriter to the possible steps in making his possible song known to the world by pointing him/her towards professional who can be instrumental in launching his songwriting career.

I Think I Have a Hit Song: What Do I Do Now?

So you think you have a hit song? That is the first step to developing a career as a songwriter/performer.  Don’t feel alone most major songwriters had to go thru the same emotional roller coaster ride in order to be found by the music industry. There are many things you can do to make your hit song known. This article will point you in the right direction.

Listen to the Pros

The first thing you will want to do in order to get your hit song on the charts is to listen to the pros. When I say pros I mean people who have helped songwriters like yourself to “get a break” into the music industry. In order to find the right pros for your possible hit song you ought to know whether your song fits into any acceptable radio format. By fitting into one of the major radio formats you will be on your way to having your possible hit song being heard by millions of listeners who are dying to hear more of the same. Does your song fit into one of these radio formats? The music industry calls these formats or genres. They are called formats because each genre has its own language, stylistic characteristics and accepted music and lyric definitions. All of these characteristics may change from year to year. A successful songwriter like yourself learns to adapt to these changes as the music industry moves and listeners needs change.


There are many ways you can have your possible hit song listened to by the pros. These services allow you to have your song critiqued by a real industry professional with little cost, while maintaining the integrity of your musical ideas: SongU, Taxi.

Mix With the Best in the Business

Both SongU and Taxi have amazing staff that will allow you to have quality time with music professionals who have been instrumental in helping many songwriters like yourself to launch their careers as songwriters. Besides SongU and Taxi there are many individuals who also offer musical critiques on a one-on-one basis: John Braheny, Robin Fredericks.

Robin Fredericks offers a blog where she shares tips that have worked for successful songwriters, while John Braheny offers both critiques and a blog. Both have written books that are currently used by many successful songwriters. Lastly, a very successful songwriter himself as well as a successful teacher and author is Jai Josefs. Jai Josefs teaches at SongU and has his own website where he can be contacted for Song Critiques. 

Once you have had your song critiqued the A&R services listed above will help you place your music in TV, movies, and publishing houses that are looking for songs like your own. Lastly, keep a positive attitude and listen to the pros, since know what it takes to be successful as a songwriter today.

Non-Profit Groups

There are also non-profit groups that have many members who are willing to critique your songs. One such group is called Just Plain Folks. JPF is a community of over 51,000 songwriters and others who are seeking to share the beauty of the song with others as professionals or semi-professional songwriters. They have a contest every year for the best song where the members themselves perform the critique’s.

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2 Responses to “I Think I Have a Hit Song: What Do I Do Now?”
  • velvetrose May 17th, 2010 at 9:28 am

    Helpful information for up and coming songwriters/performers.

  • Clinton R. LeFort May 17th, 2010 at 11:15 am


    Thank you for your nice comment.

    I must say that the information is very current, since I have actually experienced the professionalism first-hand of all of these people I recommend. They are all working professionals who are serious about songwriting and have influenced and will will continue to influence many contemporary artists.

    Good luck ,
    Clinton R. LeFort

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