How to Install Minecraft Mods

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The BEST way!

Hello fellow Minecrafters, today I would like to show you all how to install a majority of Minecraft mods!

To start out, two redirects I would like to mention, one is my website, with more in-depth tutorials, plus MINECRAFT FOR FREE!, check it out:

I have a Mod Pack as well, that automatically installs mods for you! All of that is on my website! Check it out!

Here is a video I would like to share regarding it:

This method is perfect for people who are uncomfortable installing the Mods themselves, as this does all the work for you! I highly suggest you check it out!

To install: 

1. Download the ModPack (MC 1.2.4)

2. Open with 7-Zip (Or WinRar/Some other program capeable of opening ZIP files).

3. After opening, go into the folder that says ‘Current Version’ and find the .exe file titled ‘INSTALL ME FIRST’.

4. Double click that, a popup should come up with a spot to put in your ‘Destination Folder’. To find this, go to your Search Bar or ‘Run’ program. Search for %appdata%, which should bring you into your roaming folder.

5. Inside the roaming folder, you should see one called .minecraft. Double Click that and copy the address of the folder (Usually at the bar at the top) and paste it into the installer.

6. Press extract, and your done! You can then go on to pick and choose what other Mods you want in your Minecraft game.

So enjoy your MC Mods!

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