How to Get Free Songs, No Download Required!!

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In this article, you will see how to get all the free songs you could want without having to download a single program that could infect your computer with un-needed viruses.

How to get free songs, no download required!!

It is a common problem, how can you get music without paying a dime? But that’s just the beginning of the question. Once people find the answer to that question, they always ask “is it safe”? In this article I will show how not only can you get free songs and any song you want, but as well you are not even required to download software to acquire these free songs. Follow this guide and you will be rocking out to any type of genre you like in no time.

First off, you will have to go to, which I’m sure mostly everyone here is aware of. If you are not aware of youtube, it is a website in which anyone can upload videos and can be seen worldwide by the general public. So, search for the music video you are looking for. So if you are looking for “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, simply type “Michael Jackson Thriller” into the youtube search. Now find the youtube video and click on it. Once you have done that copy the link seen at the top when you are on the video page. It should look something like this:

Once you have gotten that link comes the easy part (as if that first part wasn’t easy). Go to the website:

Put the link to the youtube video into the box where it says “Enter Video url below to convert into MP3”

Once you have done that click download. It will re-direct you to another page, click download again; a pop-up may appear but simply close the pop-up. Than it will pop up with “open with…” or “save as”. Simply click “open with” and tell it to open it with iTunes. It should take about 5-20 seconds to download the song and than will appear in your iTunes.

That is all! It’s that easy! Enjoy the free songs and enjoy the fact that there is no risk of getting a virus from downloading software to get free songs.

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