How Music Affects Ones Life

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How music affects ones life.

How music affects ones life


Music is known all over the world, and creates different moods for different people at different situations. Music has different rhythm, style, and culture. To many people, music has brought joy and pride, especially when one is listening to his own culture music.

I, myself feel happy when listening to music of my culture  although I listen to international culture music which is western music, which brings great highlights of my childhood and reminds me of how life is going at a really fast speed. It sometimes depresses me when I listen to certain music because I think of certain events that happened to me when I was young. This reminds me of when I was a little boy that use to rely on my parents.

Music is played or listened to, for different reasons and occasions. When that music is played, one gets this certain feeling because the singer maybe expressing how or she is feeling which could relate to ones experience or perhaps create an understanding of the singer’s lyrics. The lyrics of the singer may be saying words to relate to real life events and as well as fictional lyrics that have rhythm. Music may also be played in huge events and share the joy with the people attending the event.

One may choose to listen to music when feeling down or perhaps upset, which can change one mood after or while listening to the music. Music has different departments such as romances and expression of love, tragedy of an event or in a country such as civil war, sharing of ones experience in life and etc.

Music has become some part of our lives and has played a major role in it. Such as weddings, winning ones heart, making one realizing his mistake through lyrics in that certain song or rap. When one is bored he or she tends to play music to entertain him or her. Music also brings some kind of energy that helps to   make our day brighter.    

Music has many roles in many events which are uncountable because music is really used in many creative ways such as movies, while driving, in the Fifa world cup, in ceremonies, school bash and   televisions (i.e. TV shows) and I can on but will stop since you have gotten the image in your mind. 

When it comes to Music people have different passion for it. People tend to love different singers for different reasons. One may be influenced by ones style and looks as well as actions since he or she is well known and is loved by the majority. A really good example for this is Michael Jackson who’s attained the title ‘King of pop’ and ‘king of break dance’ millions of people bought his tickets for the huge concert that was going to be held in London. Sadly enough he died and as the fans lost their money to no entertainment, they didn’t ask for refund but because they loved him enough they gave that money as honor and kept the ticket as true fans. However few of the fans did commit suicide due to Michael’s death.

Which forces me to conclude that music has influence many things in our lives in many people whether it is getting inspired or bringing joy around people or families. Music is like a friend that I can rely when ever am sad or unhappy that brings me right up and makes me reason in ways that I wouldn’t have thought of.

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