Hottest and Sexiest Female Music Videos of 2010

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Hottest, steamiest and sexiest theme in female music videos has undoubtedly become the main attraction for the video. Even if the music in the video itself isn’t so enjoyable, it might be worth it to watch the beautiful young singers and dancers perform in a hot scenario for the video.

Although a hot music video won’t ensures its top place on music chart, it’s definitely great to see the singer showing off her full revealing beauty while smoothly perform her song with her beautiful voice. But still, no matter how great the video is, it’s the quality of the song itself that will determine the success of that music video.

Listed below are my personal choices of the hottest female music video of 2010 so far. These videos and most other mainstream sexy music videos are rather eye-candy instead of sexually arousing. They are all designed with artistic concepts and definitely not meant to be a subject of sexual entertainment.

You can click on the individual title to watch their official video in YouTube.

Here is the list :

Leighton Meester – Somebody to Love

Flirtatious and simply hot, the Gossip Girl starlet acts as a lonely girl who needs someone to love her. Being the first of her solo music video, she definitely made a good first impression to the public.

California Gurls – Katy Perry

Centered on a fantasy candy-land, Katy and her beautiful dancers performed as playful beach girls of California.This music video has won many different awards during summer of 2010.

Gravity – Pixie Lott

Artistically made to be a sensual video, the dances in this video are perfectly choreographed and one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Sparks – t.A.T.u

Although there aren’t many dances in this video, the beautiful figures of the duo singers that are covered in revealing dress is enough to make this video one of the hottest of 2010.

All The Lovers – Kylie Minogue

This unique and artistic video will show a lot of people from the city stripped their clothes to build a tall human tower with Kylie on top of it.

Telephone – Lady Gaga ft. Beyoncé

Although the song itself isn’t really good, the uncut video is so hot and considered NSFW by some major networks.

Love The Way You Lie – Rihanna feat. Eminem

Rihanna herself doesn’t actually look very hot at all in this video. It’s Megan Fox who made this video become very spicy because of her flirtatious and sensual acts on her lover in this video.

I Wanna Be Bad – Jessica Sutta

New and may be considered Indie, the video contains a lot of scenes of girls who act bad but still reasonably appealing. The music itself is flirtatious and definitely matched the scenario of the video.

Final Word

None of these videos listed contained an actual nudity. There are many music videos that are like that and still artistically beautiful but none of them are released on 2010. The nude music videos that I’ve found released in this year are either inartistic or was meant to be a sexual entertainment instead of motion picture arts.

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