Half of My Heart by John Mayer Ft. Taylor Swift Analysis

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A break down of the meaning behind the song Half of my heart by John Mayer ft. Taylor Swift.

Half of my Heart: John Mayer ft. Taylor Swift

            The song “Half of my Heart” by John Mayer explores the topic of learning to love for the first time. John Mayer takes on the role of a person who had spent all of his life alone and always moving around settling no where, but this changes when he meets a girl that changes his life. He continues to explain situation by expressing that, because he was so used to being alone, he only had himself to love. In the third stanza it is explaining that, although the girl believes that he can love, he continues to “fall short” in loving with his entire heart and he feels that sooner or later, she would hate him for not loving her enough. Finally the idea of a “shotgun wedding to a bride in a paper ring” is meant to express that he would not be good enough for her. This is noted with the shotgun wedding, because if an obvious negativity involved in it and the paper ring being something that would not last for very long.  This song, to say the least, is a very deep and emotional song that expresses the difficulties in love.

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