Gangsta Rapper 50 Cent Turns Gay

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Hip-hop gangsta rapper 50 cent comes out.

Hip-hop, gangsta rapper, 50 cent is gay! Yeah, that’s right. GAY! The hip-hop, gangsta rapper has been exposed and has gone in hiding after being spotted at a gay strip club in Manhattan, NY. The report is in regarding a late night fiasco with his new boyfriend, super-freak, Nazi boy.

 Super-freak Nazi-boy

Hip-hop rap fans are already gossiping about his late night tryst and freaky-deaky boyfriend, Nazi-boy. 50 cent, tell us it ain’t so, bro? Rumors and speculation have been swirling about after the rapper 50 cent polished off twelve bottles of Cristal then started making out with Nazi boy on the dance floor. At first glance, fellow hip-hop rappers thought Nazi-boy was a female, but after vomiting on the dance floor, 50 cent peeled off the leather mask to get some real tongue and the G-unit was shocked! She was a he! Being gay is not a crime or condition, but it will be the first hip-hop, gangsta rapper to come out of the closet. The 50 cent, G-unit camp, has made no official comment, as this surely will rock the hip-hop, gangsta rap world to the core. 50 cent, say it ain’t so…..say it ain’t so! Will the G-unit carry on? Will the G-unit accept 50 cent and record again? Will 50 cent make a public statement? Will the hip-hop rappers embrace 50 cent as one of their own? Or, will the G-unit carry on without 50 cent? Is rap dead? Rap, rap, rap and more rap news here on web scrolls. You’ve been a naughty little boy, 50 cent. How will rap fans swallow this pill? More news on this shocking 50 cent, hip-hop, rapper coming out party, soon.

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