Fliptop: The New Filipino Rap Battle League

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The first Filipino Rap Battle League – Fliptop Battle Reviews.

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The Best Fliptop Battle Yet: Dello and Target vs. Loonie and Datu

My friend from the Philippines told me about this rap battle league called Fliptop, so I checked their videos out in Youtube, and I have to say that I’m pretty impressed by the versatility, delivery, wordplay, and rhymes by these young emcees. Tagalog is the primary language in this competition, but the rappers mix English from time to time. And some of the battles are purely English. Here are my thoughts on some of the battles:

Loonie vs. Zaito-

Loonie is probably the best player in this game. Unlike a lot of participants, his lines don’t sound rehearsed or memorized. Zaito lines felt weak, and he choked in his 2nd round while Loonie’s flow was consistent; his lines felt natural, and his delivery  is great. In the 2nd round, he made fun of his physical appearance. It was a one-sided match. I’m already a fan of Loonie

Datu vs. Cameltoe

In the first round, Cameltoe had no rhythm. None of his punchlines really wowed the crowd, and the crowd booed at him when they got offended after he talked about “poor people” in one of his lines. Datu had the swag, the props, and the effective delivery that wins him the battle. The audience cheered for him. In the 2nd round, Cameltoe’s rhymes felt forced. He had a moment where he almost choked; he was running out of words

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