Fliptop Revives Hip Hop in The Philippines

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Fliptop -the first Filipino rap battle league brings back hip hop culture in the Philippines.

If you’ve lived in the Philippines in the past twenty years, you could tell how the Filipino hip hop culture has evolved. I remember back in the day, Filipino rappers like Francis Magalona (Rest in peace) and Andrew E. introduced Filipino rap music to our generation. But those days are over; hiphop in the Philippines had been inactive for a while, and sadly, the legendary rapper, Francis Magalona passed away (My mother named me after him), hiphop was dead for a while, dead until Fliptop brought it back alive with its rap battles that you can find in Youtube. If you know Grindtime -the largest rap battle league in the world, which is held in the United States, you’d know how Fliptop goes. Have you seen Eminem’s movie 8 Mile? If the answer is “Yes”, you have an idea what I’m talking about.


Datu- one of the first emcees to participate in the Filipino Rap Battle League.

An emcee is matched up with another emcee. In the beginning of the rap battle, a coin is flipped, and one of the participants call it in the air. If he calls it right, then, he chooses who goes first. Usually, the match has three rounds, having a minute time limit for each round. Of course, the battle venues are crowded, hot, and loud, but nonetheless, it’s a great place where Filipinos could come together for a fun entertainment of lyrical wits and skills. The majority of the battles are in Tagalog, one of the two official languages of the Philippines, but there have been a few battles done in the English language, the other official language.

Here’s a video of Batas vs. Fuego:

Fliptop battles in Youtube has millions of views, and it has influenced a new generation of rap battle lovers online to start Fliptop fanpages on Facebook; some which hosts rap battles, but unfortunately, Facebook has deleted several fanpages that they mistakenly labeled as “hateful”. Nevertheless, it has brought more positive influence than negative; it has brought friends and other people together in a new movement that revolutionized hip hop in the Philippines.

- F.J. Bayog

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  • royzen March 10th, 2011 at 7:06 am

    buti na lang nakita ko ung site na 2..makakatulong sa project namin about flip top =) thnx sa site na 2…

  • Gemmalyn Masanga September 7th, 2011 at 8:22 am

    Hi I am Gemmalyn Masanga from I Juander of GMA NewsTV. The program is hosted by Susan Enriquez and Cesar Apolinario. I have read your blog about Pinoy Fliptop, were in you mentioned that you were named after Francis Magalona, question is are you also into it? You may be interested to be featured in our show. You may reach me thru my mobile at 09158430721. Thank you very much!

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