Five Bands You Should be Listening to

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Bandcamp is for indie bands, what itunes is for mainstream music except with the addition of a few key features. It allows indie bands to make money, for starters and helps the reader find new and undiscovered bands. Here are five that I think you should check out.

Elevator Fight

The frontwoman of the band is none other than Lenny Kravitz’s daughter, Zoe. She’s becoming a recognizable name in her own right and this summer you can see her in the new X-Men movie first class but I bet you didn’t know she fronted a lo fi band. Elevator Fight are an east coast based rock band and they’ve got interesting lyrics. They played the afro punk fest a few years back and have been hard at work on their upcoming album Post Empire.

A beautiful woman with a fresh voice and an interesting take on music isn’t good enough? Fine. Check out 8in8.

8in8 was a one time project by Amanda Palmer, her husband (and famed writer) Neil Gaiman, Ben Folds and Damian Kulash (of OK Go). They released a small ep online at bandcamp for a dollar. All proceeds go to charity and you can pay as much as you’d like. The songs each feature a different line up of the band, the best of which is the Problem with Saints, a song that Neil Gaiman wrote and sang himself. The group formed when they were asked to speak about doing innovative things in the world of music and decided it would be better to do something innovative than to talk about it. They tried to make 8 songs in 8 hours but successfully made six songs in twelve hours. Each of the members, including Gaiman, have experience in music. Amanda Palmer, Damian Kulash and Ben Folds each have carved out a piece of indie music history and have done so once again with this new project. They performed the songs live a day after they were written and recorded, at the rethink music convention.


Adebisi Shank are a mix of punk and dance music from Ireland., they have a ten song album available for 6.99 or more. Their second album is my favorite of their work, in particular, the tracks titled (-_-) and Log Drum. I Don’t know their history like I do the other bands I’ve posted but I can tell you that they are a brilliant band and that if you have a moment you should give them a listen.

Cities Aviv

Cities Aviv describe thesmelves as Hip Hop, Shoegaze and Soul music. Another band I don’t know anything about other than that I heard their music and really felt it. Their album Digital Lows is free or you can choose to pay to support the artist. Give them a listen!

The Cancel are an abstract hip hop group.

Instrumental Hip Hop beats from the Ukraine. You can get a 13 track album for only five dollars. The beats are clever, original and unlike many hip hop instrumentals are a complete song in and of themselves. European music offers a fresh look at a genre in the US that has become artificial. Listen to the music on the bandcamp page and if you dig it, buy it!



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