Eight-year Old Girls Dance to Beyonce’s “single Ladies”

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Controversy from the World of Dance Competition.

Last Week, a Youtube video of 8-9 year-old girls dancing to Beyonce’s Single Ladies sparked a controversy. These girls, who performed for the World of Dance competition in Pamona on April 10, were wearing midriff-baring tops, short skirts and black stockings. This dance group from Orange Country, Precision Dance, shows that they could dance to Beyonce’s blockbuster hit better than We Are Heroes, the champion of Randy Jackson’s America’s Best Dance Crew Season 4.


The subject of what they are wearing and how they are dancing plagued the media. Some of the comments are: 

“Kind of sick for young girls to be doing this…Do they have to bump and grind and wear such a sexy outfit? Didn’t the parents object?” — The Huffington Post

“I don’t think these girls are doing anything wrong. If you think so then you are imposing your adult views onto the girls” –Youtube

Cory Miller, the father of one of the little girls, and Melissa Presch, the mother of another child talked to Inside Edition about the controversy. “I’m shocked, quite frankly, that people would suggest such things and say such things about 8 and 9 year old girls” said Melissa Presch, claiming that the girls learned their moves from Alvin and the Chipmunks: the Squeakwel movie, not Beyonce’s music video.

Miller said, “As a father, when you’re watching your kid, no. You’re looking at it as a proud kid who has really high energy, who doesn’t really know what she’s doing.”

They also said that the video has been taken out of context; that it was meant for the dance competition audience; not the world.

Peters, who was in the audience during the Precision Dance’s performance says, “It was the very first WOD event I had ever attended, and I can tell you the cheering and screaming you heard on the video was from other parents and dance teams that were just blown away by their dance performance and precision. There was NOTHING provocative about what they were doing.”

The World of Dance, the largest U.S. dance competition

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