Do The Types of Clothes You Wear Effect The People You Hang Around?

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About clothing and what is happening to today’s music.

Do the Types of Clothes You Wear Effect the People You Hang Around?

Over the years, people have been changing the types of clothing that appeal to them. But does the music change the outcome of how people act and what they wear? In many cases, this would be a yes. Lil Wayne and other rap artist have made a music video called “I roc skinnies.”

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Now, people who listen to rap music have started “bagging” skinny jeans. Rap has taken over part of the fashions of people who listen to rock and metal. So to answer the first question, Music does change the outcome of what people wear, mostly children and teens. They end up growing up in this type of lifestyle. Therefore, it isn’t necessarily the kids fault. For some reason, it seems that rap is trying to take over other people’s genre or music as well. They have trying to fuse rap music with rock music, and trying to call that real rock. To point out something, that isn’t rock at all. All they did was change the music playing in the background, and tried to change the singer’s tone of voice. That will never become rock because rock and metal is mostly about emotion. Rock and metal songs never call women b****es or h**s.  Everyone in life is equal, but it seems like they are trying to down a race again. They really do need to stop that because it is making a mockery of rock and metal bands everywhere. I don’t know if they understand this or not, but it is known fact. Rock will stay rock, Metal will stay metal, and RAP WILL STAY RAP! It would be better to just keep it that way. Many people have started “bagging” skinny jeans. That is not what skinny jeans are for. If you want to bag jeans, then do it to your own kind of clothes. Again, these are all my opinions and I do not mean to hurt or offend anyone. I just hate the fact that they are trying to do that to rock, metal, and especially screamo. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this article.


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  • Lee Ness December 1st, 2009 at 8:07 am

    Very nice articel. I always wonder about this and my two daughters and there friends. There friends are pretty cool and are trust worthy which is nice. Thanks for a very good article
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