Carlos Santana

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Small biography about the artist; have fun reading.

            Carlos Augusto Alves Santana is a rock guitarist who became famous, starting from the late 1960s. His original band, Santana, consisted music genres of rock, jazz fusion, and salsa. Based on blues guitar lines, the band’s melodic style had percussion instruments, such as the congas and timbales that were usually not heard in rock music. Because of such uniqueness and the ability to create music for audiences to enjoy, Santana was considered to be one of the furthermost guitar players of record guitar history.

            Carlos Santana was born in the city of Autlán de Navarro of the state of Jalisco in Mexico and at age five, he was trained to master the violin. By his eighth year, he played the guitar. He was able to play such instruments because his father played the violin in a mariachi, and Santana was also influenced by Ritchie Valens, as he was one of the few Latinos in America who played rock and pop music. In 1965, Santana graduated from Mission High School, at the same time where a famous guitarist, Javier Bátiz, taught Santana how to play an unusual approach of guitar soloing.

            As he traveled to San Francisco, Santana was delighted to see his musical heroes, like B.B. King, perform live on stage. There, Santana was initiated to a diversity of melodic genres, such as jazz and folk music, and he observed the developing hippie society in San Francisco. Then he worked washing dishes at a diner to receive some extra change. In 1966, he decided he wanted to be a full time musician and made the Santana Blues Band, with musicians that played on the streets, such as Gregg Rolie and David Brown. The group played music with a blend of jazz, salsa, blues, Latin rock, and African rhythm. The group was later named just Santana and in 1969, they began their first recording contract with Columbia Records. In the same year, they were able to compile their first album, Santana (1969) with such a success, mainly because of the notable songs they played, such as Evil Ways. The album that feature the song had over four million copies sold and for two years it was on the Billboard chart. Other songs, such as Black Magic Women, and Oye Como Va, became extremely popular to the band, which increased their success when they released their next two albums, Santana III (1971) and Caravanseri (1972).

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