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How an argument about current pop music forced a personal realization about music today.

I have always described myself as a lover of rock n’ roll.  Up through age 16 I was a die hard classic rock fan; Clapton, Hendrix, Queen, Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses filled up the “Most Played” playlist on my iPod.  However, throughout high school my tastes slowly started to develop, and I let myself branch out to other genres, mainly hip hop and more modern rock.  I never thought I would allow myself to get into rap, but once I discovered KiD CuDi, my opinion changed 100%.

Every new song I heard by KiD CuDi completely blew me away, his style was so different from other rappers (i.e. Eminem, 50 Cent, the ‘popular’ rappers of my middle school years), it was simple, yet much bigger, more conceptual, than other rappers (at least to me).  This discovery set my tastes in music spiraling (not in a bad way, mind you) in yet another direction.  I started listening to a lot more rap and hip-hop, mainly rappers like Mac Miller, Wiz, Kanye West, and Chiddy Bang.  While it was a step away from my usual setlist, I must admit I got really attached to my new fascination.

For the next part of my story, I have to tell you about a musical obsession that was taking place parallel to my new love of rap.  I had discovered the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Normally my “listening phases” only take place with one band, for a couple of weeks, two months tops, and then I move on.  However, I have not stopped listening to RHCP for over a year, and I’m not talking about, “Oh, the Red Hot Chili Peppers?  They sing that that one song, Dani California, right?” No, not that at all.  Never has a band so truly enthralled me in every aspect, their music, their lyrics, their past, and their development over the years.  Once I discovered, and I mean truly discovered, their music (all their music, not just the hits), I was hooked; and I doubt that my addiction to their music will end soon.

Anyways, at one point in my developing love for rap, I entered into an argument debating the superiority between two artists: KiD CuDi and Kanye West.  Now I’m not writing this article to rehash this argument, and to be honest I couldn’t care less what anyone has to say about it, I have my opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own.  In the argument I was defending the honor of KiD CuDi, and my friend was arguing for Kanye.  Let me just say now that both are fantastic artists, and would most likely be angry at the argument being made debating one or the other’s superiority, since it is known that they are friends and collaborators on many music projects.

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