All-time Favorite Love Song Duets

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The most beautiful love song duets for the incurable romantics.

One of my favorite bonding time with my husband is singing the karaoke at home. If there’s one thing I would like to have a complete collection of, it’s definitely the love duets karaoke. When we started singing together, he wasn’t very familiar with most of the songs. He had to hurriedly learn them so we can sing the songs together. Not only do we get to relax by singing (studies have shown music to be a wonderful stress reliever), we also get to express our love for each other musically. Here are some of the songs we love to sing together:

A Long and Lasting Love

This song has three famous versions—a solo done by Crystal Gayle (1985) and another one by Glenn Medeiros (1988)—each with different chorus lyrics. The original version is a duet by Billy Preston and Syreeta Wright from the 1981 album entitled Billy Preston and Syreeta.

My favorite lines:

Now that you’re in my life
I’m gonna make you stay
I have to be some kind of crazy fool
To let you get away


Endless Love

This is probably the most famous love song duet. Originally sung by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross, it stayed 9 weeks at the US #1 Singles Chart in the year 1981.

My favorite lines:

And I
I want to share
All my love with you
No one else will do…


Love Survives

This beautiful love song is a duet by Freddie Jackson and Irene Cara. The song was featured in the 1989 Don Bluth animated movie All Dogs Go to Heaven.

My favorite lines:

Now I know you’re safe here in my heart
You will always be with me
We’ll never be apart
Never knew how strong my love could be
You’re the one I’ve waited for
Now you’re home
I believe

Love survives beyond our lives
I feel those ties growing stronger


Never Gonna Let You Go

The second favorite love song duet that I love to sing with my husband is the song Never Gonna Let You Go. The chorus just makes me giggle. This Sergio Mendez song is originally sung by Joe Pizzulo and Leza Miller and reached number four in the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in 1983.

My favorite lines:

I’m never gonna let you go
I’m gonna hold you in my arms forever
Gonna try and make up for all the times
I hurt you so

Gonna hold your body close to mine
From this day on we’re gonna be together
Oh I swear this time
I’m never gonna let you go


With You I’m Born Again

With You I’m Born Again is the ultimate love song, my all-time top favorite duet that I love to sing again and again. This Billy Preston and Syreeta original which was released as a single in 1979 off the Fast Break soundtrack is the biggest pop hit of Syreeta’s career. The song became an international hit for the duo reaching number four on the Billboard Hot 100 and number two on the UK Singles Chart.

My favorite lines:

Come bring me your softness
Comfort me through all this madness
Woman, don’t you know, with you I’m born again

Come give me your sweetness
Now there’s you, there is no weakness
Lying safe within your arms, I’m born again

I was half, not whole
In step with none
Reaching through this world
In need of one


*More love song duets at All-time Favorite Love Song Duets website.

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