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What is Music? What Do You Think Music Can Affect Your Daily Life?

Well, Music is like a drugs for most of the people….Because People can’t live without it..why?? One of the reason is that.. Music Can Make peoples mind Fresh like listening to Classical music.. Classical music helps a lot. especially for Busy people who can’t sleep because of them thinking too much about there works. They Listen to Classical Music because it has different texture than other kinds of music such as Rock.. (But i wont talk about rock music right now..) Classical music Is really light and smooth to listen when your tired or depressed.

Music is like a medicine that heals peoples feelings..

What music can do to our lives.

1. Rock- Boredom ( Rock musics are fast and lively which makes peoples mind work more faster that makes them active and removes their boredom..

2.Classical- Refresh Mind (I’ve talked about it from the top)

3.Slow Music- Romance

4.Punk- Makes people crazy

Now I’m starting to enjoy making this kind of stuffs.. Hope You Guys enjoy it too… Ill be making more hope you guys will look forward and read my articles.. God Bless

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