Guide Part 2.1: Monetizing Traffic

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Part two, sub-article one of a series showing you, the Internet user, how to make money using

Method #1.1: Looping Links with and

At this point, I assume you have both a account and an account. The below instructions describe how to “loop” links with and But first, what does it mean to “loop” links? Looping links is essentially taking an link, shrinking it into a link, which you in turn shrink into an link, which you shrink into a link (repeat this as many times as you wish). Depending on the number of times you wish to loop your links, you can earn any amount of clicks from one legitimate download link, assuming that the clickers truly want the final download link. I advise you not to do this, as it is against the TOS. This is for education purposes ONLY.

How To: Loop Links

  1. Take original download link, convert to an link
  2. Take link, convert to a link. If you tried to convert this link into another link, you would have received some type of error or not allowed message from the site
  3. Take the converted link, and convert IT to an link
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 as many times as you wish, just make sure you end up with a link
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